Why Should Parenting Time Be Considered a Parent's Obligation to a Child?

In most court cases, the parents, or the Judge, decide that ongoing and continuing contact with both parents is in the best interests of the children. What happens when continuing contact is not maintained by one parent, however?

Florida law does not require parents to exercise their parenting time. However, studies have shown that inconsistent contact with one parent may be detrimental to the children. There are some people that believe parenting time should be a parent’s obligation, not a right that they can choose to ignore.

Why should parenting time be a parent’s obligation to a child?

Inconsistent contact can lead the child to experience psychological problems due to the ongoing feelings of disappointment when parenting time is cancelled. The child may also blame their primary parent as the reason for the inconsistent contact with the other parent.

There are a number of reasons why a parent may not exercise parenting time. If the reason is emotional, the parents should seek further counseling and education to address the lingering emotions. If the reason is due to geography, work schedule, or remarriage, the parents should consider modifying the parenting schedule to be more realistic taking into account the existing restrictions.

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