When Adoptive Parents Divorce

Adoptive parents often have special concerns for their children’s wellbeing and development, and those can be magnified during a divorce. Adopted children often feel different from their peers and siblings. They may carry a sense of loss for their birth parents, whether they knew them or not.

Adoptive Parents Divorce

In a divorce, many kids fear that they did something to cause the situation. When a divorce happens following an adoption, those children can internalize that feeling even more profoundly, resulting in guilt and other negative effects.

Diligent parents take extra steps to make sure an adopted child feels as loved and valued as siblings that are related to their parents by blood. During a divorce, they must use even greater cause to communicate in an age-appropriate way that the reasons for their decision have nothing to do with the adoption, or anything the child has done.

On top of being adopted, a divorce can make a child feel alone and even more different from her peers. An attorney trained in collaborative family law can help adoptive parents through the divorce process with a focus on the child’s wellbeing. It can also be helpful to seek help from a mental health counselor who has experience with adoption and divorce.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark?

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