What is Causing Divorce Rates?

Is the use of Viagra linked to an increasing cause of divorce rates?

Divorce Rates

In my work as a divorce attorney and mediator, I have not yet come across what I’ll call the “Viagra Saga”. According to the Huffington Post, however, there’s been an uprising.

The Huffington Post article says the use of Viagra is increasing as a cause of divorce rates. The article cites a Harvard University report titled “Sexuality at Midlife and Beyond”, which states that the husband’s increased love making ability and higher self-esteem may overwhelm the wife, especially if the husband hasn’t told the wife he’s taking Viagra.

The article also cites an example from 2004 in Great Britain of a couple divorcing over the husband’s use of Viagra (our revolutions always seem to start on the other side of the pond). The article even includes a quote from a divorce attorney who claimed 12 years ago(!) that “in about one of every 15 to 20 new divorce cases, someone mentions Viagra”. It seems I’ve really been missing out because I can’t recall one case where it was mentioned. I really have to make up for lost opportunities: Viagra! Viagra! Viagra!

I would imagine that over 12 years, the Viagra Saga would have only become more apparent.  However, when I try to do a Google search on statistics related to Viagra usage, I continuously wind up on websites for online Canadian pharmacies pushing the little divorce pill.

I did find a 2004 article on WebMD.com that states that there was a 312% increase of Viagra usage among men aged 18-45, a 216% increase among men aged 45-55, and even a 13% increase among women aged 18-45. Therefore, after reading both stories, I can only guess that there are a number of men and women under the age of 55 overwhelming their older lovers.

I suggest you start taking a closer look at your medicine cabinet and your family pharmacy log to determine if you’re getting too much or too little of what your spouse is giving. I also suggest that next time you meet with me, you should mention Viagra, as I’m really feeling let down.

If you’re interested in reading the Huffington Post article regarding Viagra and divorce rates, here it is: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/natalie-gregg/viagra-and-divorce-is-the_b_3023213.html

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