The Cost Of Parenting Disagreements When Getting A Divorce

The cost of parenting disagreements when getting a divorce can be very high.

Parenting Disagreements

When working to establish a time sharing agreement as part of your divorce settlement, it is ideal to avoid and mitigate conflict wherever possible. When a couple is divorcing, the spouses no longer have much in common. Emotions can run high, and if one party remains adversarial and is motivated to obstruct conflict management or mediation processes, those measures can quickly amount to a dead end. It might be time for you and your lawyer to discuss bringing in additional professional help.

A parenting coordinator is an individual who has been appointed by the courts to help cut through the issues of a case and establish a workable plan that benefits the children in the long run. Often a mental health counselor by training, a parenting coordinator will try to work with the parents to draft a time sharing arrangement based on each individual’s circumstances. The parenting coordinator will also work with you for any modifications that may be necessary for the parenting arrangements.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark

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