The biggest divorce mistakes

Whether you’re happily married now, or hoping to be one day, the one thing you’d probably rather not think about, is divorce. Yet for at least half of all married couples, that’s something that is on the horizon. Here are a few no-no’s that experts say divorcing couples are prone to commit.

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  1. Forcing kids to take sides: Many splitting spouses try to use the children as pawns in their nasty games against their ex. Experts say don’t force them to choose one parent over the other but instead always remind them that the two of you love them and will always have a relationship with them. Remember, while you are divorcing your spouse, your children are not divorcing either parent.
  1. Not meeting with a therapist: It is expected that you confide in your attorney, but remember that they aren’t mental health professionals. Attorneys are trained to handle the law, not to figure out why your ex was so controlling or how you knew walking down the aisle that marriage was a bad idea. A qualified mental health professional is better equipped to help you manage this change in your life. We would be happy to refer you to a mental health profession.
  1. Fighting over personal property: Another mistake divorcing couples make, which can be quite costly, is fighting to the bitter end over who gets the “things,” i.e. flat screen TV, DVD collection, football season tickets, etc. By the time you finish battling it out over who gets what, you’ve spent more on attorney’s fees than the “things” are even worth.
  1. Jumping into a new relationship: Finally, the mistake of thinking that jumping into another relationship right after your divorce is a good idea. Remember, you just went through one of the most stressful and isolating experiences you could ever go through. You will likely need some time to process the experience and heal so that you can best prepare yourself for any future relationships. Not taking the time to figure out what went wrong in the previous relationship will likely doom you to repeat the same mistakes in the rebound relationship.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark?

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