Supervised Timesharing and the Family Resource Center of Southwest Florida

For some families supervised parenting time is appropriate due to any number of health and safety concerns for the children involved. There may be a history of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, substance abuse, or domestic violence that warrants a Court’s order for supervised parenting time. Supervised parenting time is parent/child contact overseen by a third party to ensure they are appropriate. Supervised parenting time includes supervised exchanges.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Supervised parenting time is not a final goal and is not appropriate for most cases. It should be used as a means to reestablish an appropriate healthy relationship between the parents and their children. Supervised parenting time requires the commitment and participation of both the supervised parent and the unsupervised parent. Orders for supervised parenting time outline the conditions of the visits, including, but not limited to, the frequency, length, who will be responsible for the cost of the visits, and location.

Sometimes the parties may agree on a particular family member or friend to supervise visits. There are also trained professionals who offer this more structured service. The Family Resource Center of Southwest Florida is a nonprofit organization that provides a safe home-like environment for parents and children in Southwest Florida. The Family Resource Center (FRC) and its qualified supervisors maintain a neutral role, not favoring one parent over the other. The Family Resource Center may provide the court with factual information based on observations made during the supervised timesharing, but it does not make recommendations or opinions about future parenting time schedules or responsibilities. The supervisors use a checklist to log the behaviors of the parents and children. For more information about the Family Resource Center visit

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