Success Stories

“I spent all day yesterday with my ex-husband and his new girlfriend…And we had a wonderful time.”

Those are words you probably thought you would never hear after a divorce. However, they were really stated by a woman who was successfully divorced using the Collaborative process.

This lady and her ex-husband participated in a panel discussion at the 2008 Annual Forum of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. There were three couples who participated, and they all successfully used the Collaborative process.

One former husband said, “So many people think divorce has to be angry and bitter.”

Another former husband added, “They look at it as the final nail in the coffin.”

One former wife said, “The outcome we’ve had shocks a lot of people. You have to not listen to them and do what’s right for you.”

Another former wife concluded, “I wish there were more people who knew about Collaborative Divorces. All of my friends went through divorces so filled with anger. Their’s is a tragic story.”

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