Parenting Plans and Child Custody

Parenting Plans are required in Florida when a minor child is involved.

Parenting Plans

Yesterday, I had a client come in to my office for a consultation. The client told me that she wants “full custody” of her children. This is not an unusual discussion. I have to explain that Florida does not use the term “child custody”, instead Florida Statutes require all divorce and paternity cases to include Parenting Plans when there are minor children.

The Parenting Plan involves both parents, and it provides a structure for parenting, keeping the best interests of the children and the family circumstances in mind. The Parenting Plan details what time the children will enjoy with each parent, and it describes in detail how and when the children will be exchanged.

It also explains how the parents will contact the children, how the parents share important information, and how they will discuss important decisions jointly. It outlines the methods for parents to communicate about activities, happenings, and other special events, and provide ways for parents to spend additional time with children on top of the regular time-sharing schedule.

Children do not belong in the middle of their parent’s dispute. A well-crafted Parenting Plan can help to avoid future conflicts by deciding on alternative methods to settle any future disputes about common parenting issues.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark

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