When To Get A Divorce? Older Adults Are Answering the Question

Older adults are answering the question when to get a divorce. According to a recent study, twice as many people over 50 are getting divorced than they did 20 years ago.

When to Get a Divorce

There may be many reasons for this shift; greater financial independence for women, a societal focus on individual happiness and decreased stigma surrounding divorce are all examples. With people expecting to live longer than ever before, the prospect of spending 30 or so more years with this person can be a make-or-break proposition.

It doesn’t have to be the breaking point. However, if, after the kids are grown, a couple finds they really have nothing in common, it’s time for some soul searching. Likewise, if one partner is committed to making it work and the other has made up his or her mind to dissolve the marriage, it might be time to take stock in the future. After a long emotional investment in a relationship, the specter of divorce can be especially difficult, even for the one who wants out. Even if both parties agree to divorce, it doesn’t mean it will be easy.

The unknown can be scary, too. Who will live where? How will we split up the assets? What will it be like to be alone after all this time? Is there still a chance to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with someone, somewhere down the line? If there are children from the marriage, their status as adults doesn’t mean they won’t be devastated, too, at least for a time.

The best-case scenario for all involved is to take time to communicate to the best of your ability, hire a mediator or attorney, gather all the relevant paperwork and consult with a trusted professional about the state of your financial affairs, take it slow and take care of yourself. Take advantage of the resources offered by a support group, a counselor or the listening ear of a close friend.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark

email me: Keith@AttorneyGrossman.com, or call toll free: 877-687-1392, or locally: 239-210-7516.

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