How to reduce conflict in your marriage

The majority of the time we are helping clients navigate how to get a divorce. You don’t just jump into the decision to get a divorce. For many their marital relationship stops being a priority and they find themselves falling out of love. During consultations we help potential clients determine if divorce is actually the next step or there may be other options the spouse hasn’t yet considered. What works for one couple may not be the right fit for another. Here are some suggestions we often bring up.

Tips to avoid divorce, relationship advice and more.

  1. Date Your Spouse: Whether you’ve been married for a year or several decades, consider dating your spouse. This isn’t a novel idea, but couples often get wrapped up in their daily routines and forget to incorporate the intimate aspect of their marriage. An underlying symptom in many troubled marriages is one partner feeling like he or she is being taken for granted. Deciding to “date your mate” can be the perfect antidote to that kind of resentment. You might consider something as simple as leaving an unexpected love note for your spouse or walking your dog together at the end of your day. These little gestures can have a great impact.
  1. Couples’ Counseling: If both parties are willing and interested in meeting with a professional to try to improve the relationship, it can be a good opportunity to raise and address some of the issues in your marriage with a professional, third-party neutral. Therapists can help you learn how better communicate with your spouse. You can contact our firm for a referral to mental health professionals who can help you improve your marriage and avoid getting a divorce.
  1. Parenting Coordination: Parenting coordination is something the Courts and attorneys are turning to more and more when faced with parenting disputes. If you find you and your spouse are frequently finding yourselves at odds over parenting decisions, parenting coordination could be a good fit for you. Parenting coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process whereby a parenting coordinator assists the parents in creating or implementing a parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of disputes between the parents by providing education, making recommendations. Like a counselor or therapist, parenting coordinators are an impartial third person. Please contact our office for a list of qualified parenting coordinators.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark

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