How To Get Divorced

In my book, Does Every Divorce Need A Shark?, I write about the importance of having support from professionals during your divorce, about putting your emotions on the back burner, and about being organized and informed.

How to Get Divorced

Here’s a great article for you to read written by financial advisor, Jeff Landers: Five Concrete Resolutions For Women Divorcing In  2014. He provides these same suggestions, as well as some others, from a financial perspective. This is important information for how to get divorced intelligently and strategically.

Have you read my e-Book, Does Every Divorce Need A Shark?  If not, download the e-Book for free. It is a useful guide to help you learn about divorce.

Do you have unanswered questions regarding divorce, email me:, or call toll free: 877-687-1392, or locally: 239-210-7516.

Does Every Divorce Need a Shark




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