How To Get Divorced and Not Lose a Piece of Yourself

You have choices about how to handle this conflict in your life.

How to Get Divorced

Learn how to get divorced without losing a piece of yourself.

Recently at a cocktail party, I introduced myself to a male and female who were chatting with each other. I could tell they worked together because they were both wearing the company logo on their shirts.

During my introduction, I explained that I wrote a book titled, “Does Every Divorce Need a Shark?” Upon telling them that, they looked at each other and smiled. In unison, they both answered, “Yes!”

Unfortunately, this is a common thought during a divorce. When faced with divorce, we either need to be a shark or hire a shark to work for us. It’s time to change this thinking. Every time we participate in an unresolved conflict, we leave a piece of ourselves behind. How can you get divorced and not lose a piece of yourself?

There’s a fight scene from the movie, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. The Black Knight enters into a sword fight with King Arthur declaring he’s invincible. Immediately, King Arthur begins lopping off the Black Knight’s arms and legs. The Black Knight declares he can continue fighting because his injury is “just a flesh wound”.

Although divorces don’t typically result in the loss of body parts, there’s a symbolic parallel here. The stress, frustration, and anger from the divorce affect both mental health and physical health. The ongoing challenges and sniping prevent families from having healthy and workable relationships, which then leads to more conflict.

The Black Knight’s stubbornness led to a loss of his limbs. What is your emotional response to your divorce taking away from you? Remember, you have choices about how to handle this conflict in your life.

(If you’re interested, you can watch the Monty Python video clip here: Monty Python’s Black Knight)

To learn more about emotions during a divorce, you can read my free e-book, “Does Every Divorce Need a Shark?”

Are you interested in learning more about how to get divorced and not lose a piece of yourself? Contact me online or call me at 239-210-7516. Let’s discuss your choices for handling this conflict in your life.

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