How Do You Take Care Of Yourself When Getting A Divorce?

How do you take care of yourself when getting a divorce? Divorce is hard. It’s hard on you, physically and emotionally.

Taking Care of Yourself

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At our practice, we take great pride in providing collaborative solutions whenever possible and managing conflict at every opportunity. No matter how hard we work at it, though, we acknowledge our family law clients are dealing with one of the most stressful times in their lives. No matter how bad it feels, you should know it will get better and there are things you can do now to help you get through it and arrive at the other side with your head held high.

Here are just a few ideas you can put into use right now:

– Talk with an attorney.
Whether you and your spouse are communicating well, or are in a state of high conflict, speak with an attorney about your options, get a feel for if you “click” with this person and whether he or she is committed to advocating for you.

– Practice saying “no.”
We often have negative associations with the word, but it can be the most positive word you can say. During this time, you need to budget your time and energy. Are you overcommitted? Pass on anything that doesn’t speak to your priorities.

– Take a walk.
The rhythm, cardiovascular benefits and time away from your usual space can do wonders if you’re dealing with stress, uncertainty or fatigue.

– Talk with a friend.
The divorce process can feel isolating. Actively lean on your friends for conversation, a cup of tea or doing something fun.

– Relax.
That might sound like a tall order. Try attending a trial class at a yoga studio or identify the activities that help you get “out of your head.” Do you like to paint? When’s the last time you just sat and watched a sunset? Turn on some soothing music. Take a bath. Close your eyes and concentrate on breathing deeply.

– Laugh.
It really is the best medicine. Combine a couple of these tips and bring a friend to that stupid comedy movie you otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

– Find professional help.
There is never any shame in taking care of yourself, and a mental health counselor is a specialist in helping you do just that.

– Give yourself a break.
If you feel overwhelmed, realize that it’s normal. Print out this list and carry it with you and add to it as you find new strategies for coping. When you’ve made it through, hand it off to a friend.

Need help in finding the best way to apply these ideas on how to take care of yourself while going through your divorce? Email me: or call my toll free number: 877-687-1392, or call my local number: 239-210-7516.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark

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