Honoring Your Priorities When Going Through A Divorce

A recent study by Brown University suggests getting a divorce may be contagious. Tracking thousands of residents of a Massachusetts city over the course of three decades, the researchers discovered that when a friend or relative is going through a divorce, married couples within the same network become dramatically more likely to divorce, too.

Going Through a Divorce

“The contagion of divorce can spread through a social network like a rumor, affecting friends up to two degrees removed,” said Rose McDermott, who led the research team.

Elsewhere in this blog, we established that the only voice that matters when getting a divorce is your own. In the emotional whirlwind that accompanies many divorces, it can be difficult to prioritize and turn down the volume on people offering unsolicited advice. The Brown social contagion findings are certainly suggestive, and this kind of outside influence is important to identify while exploring how to determine your and your family’s future. It’s not recommended to become isolated while you sort things out, but be aware of the “static,” and learn how to tune it out so you can honor your own priorities. A trusted counselor or attorney can help identify your options and determine which ones make the most sense in shaping your future.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark

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