Have a Little Faith Provides Communication Tips for our Loving Relationships

Have a Little Faith chronicles Mitch Albom’s eight year journey of his developing relationship with two separate and distinct men of faith – one is his childhood Rabbi, who is now 82, and the other is a Detroit pastor, who is a reformed drug dealer preaching in a run-down church.

Although the book is about two inspirational men, and how their religious beliefs can inspire all of us, Have a Little Faith also provides communication tips for our loving relationships.

• The necessity of communication in marriage: Albom writes of the Rabbi’s experience officiating at countless weddings, and how the Rabbi is enlightened to how marriage works. Albom asks the Rabbi if he can predict which marriages will last, and the Rabbi immediately responds, “If they’re communicating well, they have a good chance. If they have a similar belief system, similar values, they have a good chance.”

• How anger destroys us: On the discussion of conflict and anger, the Rabbi counsels Albom, “It does no good to be angry or carry grudges.” He adds that people shouldn’t let their anger start in the first place.

• Discussing the power of forgiveness in reaching resolution: The Rabbi said when he has a discussion with someone after they had a disagreement, he always starts with, “I’ve thought about it, and in some ways, maybe you’re right.” The Rabbi said although he didn’t always believe that, it made the situation more relaxed and defused the conflict. They could then have a negotiation.

The Rabbi also says we are too slow in asking for forgiveness from our loved ones. He tells Albom a story about a man who buried his wife, and at the gravesite, the man has tears falling down his face.

The man says to the Rabbi, “I loved her.”

The Rabbi responds that he knows.

The man then says, “I mean…I really loved her.”

After a pause, the man says, “And I almost told her once.”

The Rabbi concludes, “Nothing haunts like the things we don’t say.”

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