Getting A Divorce Without A Prenuptial Agreement

Most divorcing couples didn’t anticipate facing a divorce, and are learning about their rights and divorce law for the first time. What do you do when you’re getting a divorce without a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial Agreement

When a couple enters into a marriage, it is a time of celebration, positivity, and a little bit of blindness. If people knew at the time of divorce what they could have known before entering into marriage, they may have made different decisions. The court will not care as much as you do about how your spouse contributed to the marriage’s breakdown. Divorcing couples accusing one another of doing “bad” things only contributes to the hostility and increases the cost.

A well planned prenuptial agreement made in advance of marriage, or in some circumstances a post-nuptial agreement which can be made after the parties marry, may be the best course of action to secure your interests in the future.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark


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