Get A Divorce and Get Healthier

Divorce is a time to find strength and hope within yourself.

get a divorce

You can get a divorce AND get healthier.

Forgive your soon to be ex-spouse. That’s right, I said forgive.

Scientists have found that people who forgive have:

  • less depression
  • lower total cholesterol
  • blood pressure that returns to normal faster

than those who let their anger and resentment continue.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that everything is ok. It’s simply a decision to make your health and happiness a priority over your anger. Put your negative past behind you and create a healthy and happy future.

To learn more about emotions during a divorce, you can read my free e-book, “Does Every Divorce Need a Shark?”

Ready to take that first step? Is it time to get a divorce and get healthier?  Contact me online or call me at 239-210-7516. Let’s discuss the methods for a low conflict divorce.

Get a Divorce



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