Florida's New Child Support Law

I discovered recently that not everyone who works within the area of Divorce & Family Law realizes that Florida has a new child support law as of January 1, 2011. It seems to me that if not everyone who works within the field realizes there’s a new law, many of you may not be aware of it either.

One of the biggest changes is that you now receive a credit for substantial parenting time if you have your children for at least 20% of the overnights during the year, which is 73 overnights. If your children are with you every other weekend from Friday to Monday (three overnights), you will reach the 20% threshhold without problem. The old law only provided the credit if your children were with you at least 40% of the overnights.

This change in the law is intended to address the conflict about money. It is widely believed that many parents would fight for more overnights with their children so they would be entitled to the substantial parenting time reduction. Now that a parenting time schedule that is minimal for most families triggers the reduction, we should see less fighting over the parenting time.

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