Facebook & Divorce

Social media, like Facebook, is changing the family, and not only in a positive way. In some instances, spouses are using these newfound tools in a destructive manner.

The potential to meet and communicate with new friends has certainly improved with the growth of the internet. Facebook has become increasingly popular with adults, and it has become a great way to track down old flames. The anonymity of the computer also allows people to say and do things they wouldn’t necessarily do face-to-face.

Social media has assisted spouses in finding willing partners for cheating relationships. Flirting and full-blown affairs seems to have become more common. Here are some signs that your spouse may be having an online affair:
• Loss of interest in spending time or being sexually active with you
• Spending long hours on the computer, especially at night
• Maintaining a number of email accounts
• Being secretive about being on the computer and about sharing computer passwords

Social media has also become an avenue to share all the dirty, nasty secrets of an ending relationship. Spouses are boasting about their cheating relationships and even displaying pictures of their activities. They’re additionally posting inflammatory opinions about their ex for their circle of friends, and maybe the whole world, to see.

If your relationship is ending, here are some internet no-no’s:
• Venting about your divorce, your spouse, your kids, your lawyers, or your judge
• Showing off new purchases or vacations
• Displaying photos of “party” behavior
• Being tagged by friends in their “party” pictures

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