Changes In Florida Alimony Law – Part 2

This year, both the Florida House and Senate passed a bill that would cause drastic changes in Florida’s alimony statute. The bill was sent to Governor Rick Scott, and he had until midnight yesterday to veto the bill or allow it to pass into law. In the evening, Governor Scott did in fact veto the bill.

This alimony bill would have terminated permanent alimony and would have greatly affected judicial decisions concerning any entitlement to alimony and what that alimony amount would be. There was also a part of the bill that specifically allowed for the court to change past alimony decisions based on the new criteria.

The question is what will happen now as we move into the future. Over the past few years, Florida’s alimony law has been changed so that it is more difficult to be awarded alimony. The interesting thing about this most recent bill is that it seems Governor Scott did not veto it because of the more difficult criteria it would have required to award alimony; rather, it seems that Governor Scott questioned the soundness of making the law apply to past judicial decisions.

Accompanying the veto of the bill, Governor Scott released a letter stating, “I have concluded that I cannot support this legislation because it applies retroactively and thus tampers with the settled economic expectations of many Floridians who have experienced divorce. The retroactive adjustment of alimony could result in unfair, unanticipated results.”

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