Avoid Being Part Of The Divorce Rate By Managing Stress In Your Relationship

Modern families and relationships bring a unique set of stressors our grandparents most likely didn’t deal with. Moms and dads are often both playing the role of breadwinner, and one has to step up more in the case of an illness or job loss.

Divorce Rate

Whereas a generation ago people could rely on the help and support of nearby family, many today live far away from their relatives. Job transitions, a move, divorce, a death in the family, and even happy occasions like the birth of a child can cause stress in a relationship. Everyday stressors can also be damaging when we fail to communicate or take care of ourselves.

Avoid being part of the divorce rate by managing stress in your relationship.

Unmanaged stress brings an array of uncomfortable feelings into a relationship, including fear, sadness, guilt, frustration, even resentment and anger. Children can have an even more difficult time articulating their feelings. A support network can make a very big impact in the success of a relationship affected by stress.

A faith-based community can provide much needed connections. Support groups for adults and children provide valuable insight from folks who have “been there.” In relationships where stress is taking a toll, a counselor or mediator can also help all parties realign their priorities and provide an opportunity to be heard before it’s too late.

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Does Every Divorce Need a Shark

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