Adult Adoptions

Florida Statute permits any person, a minor or an adult to be adopted. The adoption of adults may not be what you first think of when you think of adoptions, but there are a number of reasons why an adult may want to be adopted or another adult may want to adopt an adult. Adult adoptions present an opportunity for people to formalize existing pseudo parent-child relationships, such as those between stepparents and stepchildren and foster parents with their foster children. It can also be used for reinstating a previously existing relationship when an adult reconnects with their birth family.


Some utilize adult adoptions as a method of estate or long-term care planning. Once an adult or minor child is adopted they become the heir of their adopted parent. Families without a male heir used to adopt male adults in order to continue their family name. Adult adoptions are not the ideal solution for estate or long-term care planning.

In Florida, the consents of the adult adoptee’s biological parents are not required. The only required consents are that of the adult adoptee and the person wishing to adopt. However, the petitioner is required to notify the biological parents of the final hearing for adoption.

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