10 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children

The theme of 10 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children by Shmuley Boteach is to teach your children to find their own way in the world by listening to their own, unique, inner voices. It’s a great message for all parents.

Some great parenting tips from Boteach are as follows:
• Continuously challenge your children to decide whether they want to be a good person or a bad person as part of your disciplinary methods
• Teach your children to be curious about people and life
• Admonishing children must be done sparingly and not overdone so that your Children don’t feel like you’re constantly pointing our their flaws
• Teach your children that one of the great secrets of life is that we all can control our emotions by controlling our actions
• Teach your children to never give someone the key to their self-esteem and worth. Children need to know they are a valuable person, and one can take that away from them
• Don’t let anger fester. If your child is angry with you, you need to deal with it, and even if your child only thinks he’s angry with you, you need to figure that out, too.
• Share family meals for opportunities to converse and share

Boteach stresses the importance of interaction with your children. He says that everything that happens in life provides an opportunity for conversation, and you shouldn’t overlook those opportunities; rather, you should train yourselves to see them.

All parents can learn from Boteach’s book that making the investment in children by conversing with them and teaching them their uniqueness will reap rewards. Work on motivating your children to hear their inner voices, and it will inspire them to become better people. Boteach says, “Success is never immediate, and sometimes it’s nowhere in evidence, but talking to your kids really works.”

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